A New Force In The Universe

When Gary Kasparov lost to Deep Blue he lost to a database of knowledge gathered by mankind for over 500 years, administered by man made algorithms that applied that knowledge. Today Google’s DeepMind learned the game of chess and a few hours later had created it’s own knowledge base. Then it crushed the current world… Continue reading A New Force In The Universe

Alpha Zero Crushes Stockfish!

You can read about it from the BBC report here BBC Story. The games can be viewed here. Click Here For The Games Watch this interview about the implications for chess. One game analysed on Youtube. Watch Peter Heine Nielsen on AlphaZero beating Stockfish from Chess on www.twitch.tv

Human vs Computer (Revenge!)

Of course humans can no longer compete with computers. Here however I do crush Chess.com’s online Computer – Medium in a blitz game. Each side had 3 minutes for the game, plus 2 second per move. The same time controls. This time the opponent is Computer – Hard!

Free Engine Tournament

I loaded four free chess engines in SCID vs PC and started a blitz tournament. A three round quad. Stockfish, Komodo, Fire, and Booot. I make no claims for this. It’s just an exercise in fun. I let them use the opening book which greatly sped up arrival at the middle game to within a… Continue reading Free Engine Tournament