High Tech Chess Learning: Chessable

I have signed up with chessable.com. I think this represents computer learning at it’s best. After looking it over I signed up for a year, and purchased some books. One paid, one free. Also I uploaded a pgn opening study. The site takes your file, or a book and drills you on it. Repeating the… Continue reading High Tech Chess Learning: Chessable

Fritz 16 Easy Game

I received Fritz 16 for Christmas. So I thought I would play a quick game against it. Here is that game. I enjoy the little yellow Rook commenting as I played. Fritz thought it was ahead pretty much the whole game. In the end with opposite color Bishops it agreed to a draw.

Study With A Database Part 2: Your Games

In Part 1 we looked at how we can find and use master game databases online. In Part 2 we will see how to get a database of our games. Then in Part 3 we will look at some ways to study that data to improve our game. First you need a database of your… Continue reading Study With A Database Part 2: Your Games

A New Force In The Universe

When Gary Kasparov lost to Deep Blue he lost to a database of knowledge gathered by mankind for over 500 years, administered by man made algorithms that applied that knowledge. Today Google’s DeepMind learned the game of chess and a few hours later had created it’s own knowledge base. Then it crushed the current world… Continue reading A New Force In The Universe

Alpha Zero Crushes Stockfish!

You can read about it from the BBC report here BBC Story. The games can be viewed here. Click Here For The Games Watch this interview about the implications for chess. One game analysed on Youtube. Watch Peter Heine Nielsen on AlphaZero beating Stockfish from Chess on www.twitch.tv