A Silly Game With A Purpose.

The reason for this post is two fold. One: I wanted to see if I could imbed chess diagrams from Chess.com. It worked I can! Two: To present a human vs computer game. This one is pretty silly. Both contestants were not in best form. The computer was set at level 4. I think I have had some reasonable games against the Chess.com computer at this level. Maybe not. My weakness was I was playing at about 5 am after waking at 3 am.

I had the computer analyze the game but the analysis was not captured? To insert the game was easy enough. Chess.com has and Embed feature under their share button.


Just copy and paste it into the HTML of your website. next time I’ll move it up to level 5 and see if I can get the analysis to come with it. P.S. Even though the game board appeared during editing, when published it was replaced with a link. I’ll have to research that. I did. It turns out that the html command iframe will not work in WordPress without a plugin. Plugins are not available in the free version of WordPress.com. So I’m now hosting a WordPress.org site.

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