Human vs Computer (Revenge!)

Of course humans can no longer compete with computers. Here however I do crush’s online Computer – Medium in a blitz game. Each side had 3 minutes for the game, plus 2 second per move. The same time controls. This time the opponent is Computer – Hard!

Free Engine Tournament

I loaded four free chess engines in SCID vs PC and started a blitz tournament. A three round quad. Stockfish, Komodo, Fire, and Booot. I make no claims for this. It’s just an exercise in fun. I let them use the opening book which greatly sped up arrival at the middle game to within a… Continue reading Free Engine Tournament

Chess Eras (IMHO)

I think the past has seen these eras of chess. Ancient, Romantic, Classical, and Scientific. Now I think we are entering the Technological (and maybe final era). Computer aided instruction, databases, engines, and online opponents from around the world. These are why I would call this the Technological Era of chess. Ancient – Prehistoric to… Continue reading Chess Eras (IMHO)