New Fire 6 vs Komodo 9

I downloaded the new version of Fire and set it in a match against Komodo. Time controls were 5 minutes with a 5 second delay. Here is the result. Fire won as White and drew as Black to take the match. Game 1   Game 2

Booot 6.1 vs Fire 5

I was looking again at the upcoming chess engine tournament list. At the bottom of the list I saw a engine named Booot. I had never heard of Booot. So I decided to go looking for it. I found this download link. Booot 6.1 Then I thought I would see how strong Booot is.… Continue reading Booot 6.1 vs Fire 5

ChessKid Computer Match

I have been spending time on lately. Hoping to get my grandkids involved with chess. I joined 3 years ago to look the site over. So I thought I’d try a game against the computer opponent they have there. They don’t let you save the game so I had to jump through some hoops… Continue reading ChessKid Computer Match