SCID vs PC Engines Part 2

See also Part 1 Players Pictures and Part 3 Databases INSTALLING CHESS ENGINES: Now if you followed my post on chess engines your ready to install them in SCID vs PC. Click Tools, Anaysis Engines, New. Now browse to the folder where you unziped your engines. Select and open the engine. Enter the name of the… Continue reading SCID vs PC Engines Part 2

Chess Engines

Chess engines are the brains of any chess program. Most modern engines come as separate entities to be added to your favorite GUI (Graphical User Interface). This post is aimed at helping you get some free chess engines and prepare them to install in your favorite GUI. I’ll cover the GUI installation in separate posts.… Continue reading Chess Engines

SCID vs PC Players Pictures Part 1

See also Part 2 Chess Engines and Part 3 Databases ADDING PLAYERS PICTURES: I’m going to show you how to setup three of the most important features in SCID vs PC. SCID vs PC is a free chess database. Much like Chessbase without the expense, but to get all it’s amazing features you have to… Continue reading SCID vs PC Players Pictures Part 1

Chess Online

My opinion is that the best money you will spend on chess is at You can join for free. It’s a great offer. Check it out. Few websites will give you access to so much for free. After you have gotten to know the interface and seen what they have to offer you might… Continue reading Chess Online